The all-relief, no-burn muscle and joint cream that helps you hurt less and do more.

ProFlexa® is a topical cream containing a proprietary mixture of active herbal ingredients engineered to relieve muscle and joint pain, swelling, and inflammation in those suffering from arthritis. ProFlexa®’s herbal composition was chosen from a number of traditional Chinese medicines historically used to treat injuries and arthritis, which was optimized using SinoVeda’s patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT).


Targets multiple areas of the injury site

Increases blood flow to deliver nutrients

Reduces pain, swelling, and inflammations

Improves healing and mobility over time

Testimonials & Reviews

“Proflexa is over the counter and I believe, will make its way into many people’s medicine cabinets or onto their night tables as soon as it becomes available on the market!”

Cornelia Arnold, LCSW Psycho-dynamic/body-centered Trauma Therapist

“Sinoveda has found a perfect combination of impeccable science and cutting-edge technology.”

—Dr. Jack A. Tuszynski, / University of Alberta Professor

Science Behind ProFlexa®

ProFlexa® is so focused on reducing pain that, unlike competitors’ products, it doesn’t burn when you apply it. And instead of providing short-term relief, ProFlexa® has long-lasting healing effects that you’ll start to notice within the first few applications. In fact, ProFlexa® is so effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility, you just might forget to keep applying it. Arthritis doesn’t have to control your life. Forget your pain and get back to doing what you love. ProFlexa. Hurt less, do more.

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